CORinAZONe ART-Drawings and paintings by Corina Chirila

The artwork of Corina Chirila

Then and now

supernova by you.

These is a painting Ive made by the year 2000.

apa-02 by you.


and these is the new pen drawing

10 years passed since Ive started drawing and painting and I still feel the same emotions, I still dream of alien oceans shining in the blue light of a supernova. I still dream of a water nymph rising from the living ocean of love and shining in the blue supernova light. I wish I was there with her hold her, and feel her body like a summer rain even if she would flow between my fingers like water


Corot7b by you.
Corot-7b is the first planet orbiting the star Corot-7, a yellow dwarf star in the Monoceros(Unicorn) constellation. The distance between the planet and the the Corot 7 star is 2,500000 km. Like our moon Corot-7b has no rotation movement, exposing to the star the same face. On the surface exposed to the star there is an ocean of lava where the temperatures reach 2400C while the other face of the planet is frozen with temperatures that can reach -200C. The high temperatures of the lava ocean make the rocks volatilize and then when they reach the cold areas in the upper atmosphere become solid again and fall back in the hot ocean as a stones rain.

This is the way I imagine a place on the borderline area between the hot lava ocean and the dark and cold side of the planet. 

Some new space paintings


Orion nebula, oil on canvas painting

Galaxy oil on wood painting - Galaxie pictura ulei pe lemn

Galaxy, 19x21 oil on wood painting

Galaxy painting - Galaxie si planete  pictura tempera

A galaxy I've painted in 2004 improoved after 7 years



Lumini si umbre cosmice pe suprafata unei sfere - A planet in the cosmic light

Pamantul si o galaxie pictura
CaleaLactee46 by you.

Earth_and_a_galaxy by you.

Racheta by you.

Fotografii-0262 by you.

Fotografii-0253 by you.

DSC00168 by you.

DSC00167 by you.

Fotografii-0255 by you.

DSC00152 by you.

Peisaj-01 by you.

Stele by you.
Is our galaxy a radiogalaxy? NASA found this strange bubbles emerging from it's center. This is my painting of our galaxy and below there is a painting and a pencil drawing of a radiogalaxy

Radiogalaxie-0293 by you.

\Radiogalaxie by you.

Supernova si exoplaneta gazoasa cu inele by you.

Galaxie-desen in pix by you.

Peisaj-17 by you.

Sonda pe Titan by you.

My space paintings

Galactic landscape
Galaxy and supernova, painting 2002
My galaxy paintings
Black hole

Cosmic friendship
The Horsehead Nebula
The Rosette Nebula
The Cone Nebula
NGC 6888 (the Crescent Nebula or Caldwell 27)
The Triffid Nebula
Boomerang nebula
Rotten Egg Nebula
Ancient Mars
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Mars sunset
Jupiter and Europa
Double helix nebula(DNA nebula)
God's eye nebula
Asteroid crush
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Eagle nebula
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Cat's eye nebula
This painting is representing my toughts flying free like cosmic birds