CORinAZONe ART-Drawings and paintings by Corina Chirila

The artwork of Corina Chirila


Nude woman painted with Mochaccino coffee

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Desire, acrylic on canvas painting

Undressing the girl with pearl earring

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Girl with pearl earing, nude pencil drawing


We don’t know who she was but “The girl with pearl earring” painted by the Dutch painter Jan Vermeer van Delfthas inspired many artists over time. Many artists painted her portrait over and over again but I am the first one to draw her naked. This is my pencil drawing of the girl with pearl earring…  nude



Nude woman painted withy coffee

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The girl in my dream and the flower of life, oil on canvas painting

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The flower of life 50x100cm oil on canvas fantasy painting of a nude woman rising from from a big flower and flying to the galaxy with the spiral of life around her. The woman in this painting looks like a girls I used to dream many times by the time I was a teenager even if I’ve never meet her